As a brand that focuses on high-quality workout clothes, YEOREO brings you not only performance and style enhancements but also the proof behind real buyer reviews. In this blog post, we will recommend four of YEOREO's best sportswear based on real consumer reviews. Whether you are a keen outdoorsman or a regular at the gym, YEOREO will create a comfortable and stylish sports fashion style for you.


Top Concerns of Consumers


By analysing the reviews of some of the best-selling sportswear on Amazon, we found that consumers are most concerned about the following key points when shopping for sportswear:

  • Fit: Many buyers focused on the fit of the leggings, with some feeling that they might be too tight or too loose. There was also feedback that the waistband may have been too tight or too loose, causing discomfort when exercising.
  • Quality issues: Some buyers reported that leggings may be sheer or tend to pucker after a few washes, which is a big problem for those who want durable and high-quality sports gear.
  • Comfort: Many buyers prioritised comfort, with some noting that leggings may be too hot or itchy and others finding the material not breathable enough.
  • Reasonable price: Consumers expect the price of sportswear to match its quality and performance. They want to be able to buy satisfactory sportswear at a reasonable price.

Overall, consumers want to buy sportswear that fits well, is comfortable, of high quality and offers good value for money, which is what YEOREO seeks to achieve. So let's take a look at four of YEOREO's hottest selling products and what fans think of them.


The 4 bestselling YEOREO motion products

Dora Seamless Shorts


Teresa Rodriguez praised the Dora leggings and shorts for their amazing feel, flattering design and ability to hug curves.

YEOREO Dora sports shorts are definitely the first choice for those seeking to lift and shape their hips. The curved patterned design on the side of the shorts circles the contours of the hips, lifting them with ease.

The waistband features a two-part layered design that hugs your tummy and tightens your core while enhancing your curves and giving you unparalleled confidence.


Amplify Seamless Leggings


Effie was impressed with the leggings, noting that they don't see through or slip down when squatting.

With the YEOREO Expanded Leggings, you can fully trust the secrecy of the fabric, which is infused with 47% nylon for abrasion and tear resistance, and high quality impervious fabric for absolutely opaque squats.

The three-section cinched waistband wraps tightly around the abdomen and won't slip off, and the four-needle, six-thread seamless stitching makes them suitable for high-intensity exercise.


Professional Tie Dye Leggings


Josefa praised the beautiful pattern of the tie-dye leggings, she liked the way they fit her body and said she would like to have them in every colour.

The YEOREO tie-dye collection is a fan favourite for its unique pattern colourways and each colour is so special that customers usually add more than one colour to their order.

With the legging trend, you can totally wear it out of the gym and be very striking.


Pearl Sports Bra


Keila shared her positive experience with the sports bra, particularly appreciating its flat back design and superior comfort and breathability.

The YEOREO Pearl Sports Bra is made from moisture wicking fabric and features a crossover strap design on the back that is both breathable and sexy, allowing you to work out in both comfort and style.

Offering light support without overly altering the shape of the breasts, it is therefore better suited for low-intensity activities or everyday wear.


YEOREO's Advantages



First and foremost, YEOREO places great importance on the comfort of its sportswear. Our choice of skin-friendly fabrics, the use of triple high waist design, seamless stitching process and V-shaped cut are all designed to reduce friction during exercise so that your movement is not restricted.


Breathable, Durable and Stretchy

Most YEOREO products are made from a composite fabric of nylon and spandex. Nylon is sweat-wicking and abrasion-resistant, and the high percentage of nylon content makes YEOREO products breathable, durable and stretchy. At the same time, the right amount of spandex gives it a wrapping feel and shape stability.



In addition, YEOREO is reasonably priced and offers good value for money. We sell sports trousers and sports underwear for between 25 and 50 USD. In order to provide our customers with satisfactory sportswear at a low price, we also offer free shipping and a 30-day free trial.


Good Service

Of course, YEOREO's customer service is also satisfactory. Customer feedback includes this comment, "They made a mistake on my order, but got back to me quickly with a message to resolve the issue." Our customer service team is responsive and happy to resolve customer issues. If you have any questions,please feel free to contact us:



YEOREO is a new brand to try and we encourage our readers to try our sportswear for themselves and share their own experiences.

If you are looking for a high quality, comfortable, breathable sportswear at an affordable price, YEOREO is the brand for you. Make YEOREO's sportswear a must-have for your sporting life and add confidence and fun to your fitness journey.

June 25, 2023